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A Birthday Worth Committing

Many of you may have seen my last blog post regarding my 1MISSION Campaign with all the details and a little story explaining my ‘why’ of the whole situation. (If not, you can read through it here: My 1MISSION Campaign) This last week I decided to take the next step and use my 17th birthday, which is on February 14th(Valentines Day), to advance my campaign, as well as to obey God once again. I am so thrilled about this you guys!! Instead of gifts I request that you donate to https://my.1mission.org/AshtonJensensCampaign! 

This was not an easy decision, & to be honest, I really struggled with selfishness at the beginning. But God has already taught me so much that I am very thankful for. One thing that God has revealed to me numerous times recently is the importance of motivation. When I say numerous I really mean it, like I noticed it in my bible reading, it was talked about at least 3 different bible studies I went to, & it even stood out to me in my psychology reading. No doubt about it, God was trying to tell me something. I realized that, as much as I think about the details of the campaign, if I don’t follow through with those ideas and actually DO them, what is the point?! I have to work hard & motivate myself to finish what I start.

Not only would your donation put a huge smile on my face, those at 1MISSION’s, and the family’s who will receive a home, but there is also a little incentive for you:) Everyone who donates will receive a sticker, designed by me and made special for this occasion! It does not matter the amount of the donation, I just wanted a way to say a little thank you to everyone. I am currently still working on all the details, but look out for a post with more info on Instagram/Facebook soon!! 

To give you a little perspective… a donation of $10 can pay for 1 bag of cement to be used in building a families home, $30 could be used to buy 1 window, or $100 could cover the costs of all the doors & windows for 1 home. Your donation matters. Now it’s time to get this birthday party started!!! YAY!!!

xoxo, Ash