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ï»żfriYAY faves

Today my mom gave me the great idea to share a few of my favorite-use-everyday-can’t-live-without-em items!!! Thanks for the inspiration mom 🙂 I have done mostly devotional posts on here but I think it’s time we add in some more lifestyle posts. So, without further ado, here are 4 of my current faves!

  1. Reading Psalms

This first favorite is something I recently started doing & another thing my mom told me about (she’s the best!). It is to read the Psalms of the next age that you will be. So for example, I am 17, so I read Psalms 18 everyday. It’s kinda like a guide that prepares you for the next year, which is pretty nifty. God’s Word always has some little surprise hiding within the pages. I read my Psalms from a book called the Tehillim (Hebrew word for Psalms) & love it!

  1. YL Renewal Serum

I have done one blog post before about Young Living essential oils, but that was just the basics. YL has MUCH more than just essential oils, they carry tons of oil-infused products. Ever since my mom & I went to a YL Beauty School last Nov. I have been faithfully using all of the facial care items & absolutely adore them. But this renewal serum. Lemme tell ya, it. is. delicious. Yes I know I’m still young & really don’t have any major skin issues to “renew” but my goal with this product is more proactive, trying to completely escape any of those issues in the future. The serum smells like vanilla & applies soooo smooth onto your skin!! I simply could not exclude this product from my list of faves!

  1. My new iPhone 6s!

What can I say? It has 4x the amount of storage that my old phone did, works MUCH faster & smoother, has a pretty gold back. Oh & did I mention it has lots and lots of storage??? That’s the best part.

  1. Artifact Uprising Prints

Artifact Uprising is a company that I found through the editing app VSCOCAM. They offer multiple options of ways to take the photos that normally stay on your phone & in the digital world and turn them into actual memories that you can hold. They recently had a code for a free set of 25 prints so Victorie & I each got a set & created this masterpiece!!

I hope you liked this kind of post, maybe I’ll even make it into a lil series or something! Feel free to comment some of your favorites below!

xoxo, Ash

Bottled Goodness

my family is a huge believer in essential oils. i mean, anyone who knows me knows how faithfully I use my peppermint oil, haha. through lotsa research and experience we have found that the best option of using essential oils is through Young Living. These oils are constantly a part of my day from brushing my teeth, to trying to stay productive, to taking off my makeup at night. “There’s an oil for that” honestly is a true statement, because in reality it’s not the fact that you chose the right oil for whatever you need, it’s that you trust that no matter which oil you’re using, God can use it for your benefit.

Today I want to share with you the Premium Starter Kit that is available through Young Living. It comes with 11 oils to get you started, a diffuser (the one in the picture below is one of 4 options), 2 sample packets of Ningxia Red, which is a super fruit drink that promotes healthy energy, and oodles of samples so you can share your newfound discovery with friends!! it costs a total of $160 but I’ll let you in on a secret, if you order before August 31, the kit is $10 off!! 

Starter Kit

here are a few of my favorite oils that I use daily…

Peppermint: as I mentioned earlier I use this oil all day, err day. i like to call it my ‘comfort oil’, it’s always in my purse. it is excellent at soothing an uneasy stomach & that super unpleasant feeling you get in your head*, both of which I have dealt with since I was little, one short car ride and I’d be sick to my stomach, not fun. peppermint has definitely helped with this. i put a dab on my stomach or head depending where I need it, a dab on my tongue and it feels sooo refreshing.

Citrus Fresh: talk about refreshing, this oil is the epitome of that word. it is a blend of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and Spearmint oils, can you say YUM?!?!! i absolutely love diffusing this during the day, it can help boost your mood & just smells plain delicious.

Stress Away: it’s pretty self-explanitory but I’ll explain a little further. this one is another blend, consisting of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla (more of an absolute or essence rather than essential oil), Ocotea & Lavender. it smells so heavenly. Stress Away is the bonus oil in the kit and also comes with a roller top so you can roll it on your forehead, neck, and wrists to, as the YL website says, “combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life.” 

YL premium starter kit

if you’d like to become a Young Living member by purchasing the premium starter kit click on this link- freshoilteam.com/ashton-jensen – it will take you to my page on the FreshOilTeam (my parents YL business) website, just click on my member number to get started! also don’t forget you have the amazing ability to comment on this post if ya have any questions so feel free to do that 😉

hopefully you’ve gotten the idea from this that essential oils are simply important to me, i have seen the difference they make in my life &  I want to share them with others so they can experience it for themselves.

*just so you know, a few of the statements/words in this post may seem like I’m beating around the bush about what I’m trying to say, because I am. essential oils are not medicine and I am not a doctor so it would be wrong for me to mislead you by stating that they can heal any specific disease or anything

Smoothie- Simple&Sweet


alrighty friends. today we are talking smoothies(one of my all-time favorite things). honestly, I’m not one to measure out every little ingredient or even follow a recipe- especially when it comes to smoothies. most of the time i just throw together whatever we have and hope it ends up tasting good! but hey, then you can know you are drinking a one-of-a-kind smoothie that will probably never be made again and feel super cool right? whatever the case, i kind of have a certain recipe that i always tend to lean towards & that is what i’ll be sharing with you today!

INGREDIENTS: (like i said, this is never exact but for the blog post’ sake here are some general measurements)

–2 cups frozen berry mix–2 cups frozen strawberries–1 cup coconut milk

IMG_3632IMG_3633IMG_3635 IMG_3629

first choose your fruit, i used a frozen berry mix from costco as well as frozen strawberries. using frozen fruit is great because there is no need to add ice, which can water down your smoothie ((no bueno)). once you’ve poured in your fruit you need a liquid, otherwise, well it might be difficult to blend. i love using coconut milk because it adds a nice texture and more to the taste rather than just berries. i actually did not have coconut milk while making this smoothie but i did have coconut cream (basically the same thing just thicker) so i just mixed equal parts of that with water and tada! coconut milk.

then we turn on the blender and mix that baby up. once it’s to the texture you want, pour your creation into a cup, pop in a colorful straw & sip away!!




i hope you try this recipe because it’s legit life-changing, sooo simple to make, super healthy and you can’t forget how incredibly tasty it is! if you do give it a go, send me a picture somehow or someway through one of the many social media apps we have now, haha. thanks for reading!