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Stuck in the Stereotype

In our society there are certain sayings, possessions, actions, personalities, and attitudes that have become the “normal”. Unfortunately, those who are outside of that box of so-called normality have a tendency to be less accepted. It is completely okay for everyone to have their own personality, that is exactly what I’m trying to promote here, but when one certain personality type is deemed “better” is when everything goes amiss.

It breaks my heart to see so many smart, powerful individuals fall into default mode from fear of rejection. I have found myself in this situation before, and realized at a certain point that I needed to break out of the comfort zone I had created if I ever wanted to fulfill God’s true purpose for my life. Without thinking we have created community full of monotony. There are so many more opportunities for growth & individuality with the resources we have around us.

Take finals week, for example. Everyone knows it is notorious for being extremely stressful. But that’s the thing, is it really as terrible as we make it sound? Or is it just that we hear those negative words being spoken about it & automatically think the same negative thoughts? Yes, I do understand, finals week can be a very busy, full time, but it does not have to become so stressful that the joy of life disappears in a frenzy of study guides & sleepless nights.

Negativity is not something we want foremost in our lives, and it just so happens to grow like a weed in this whole stereotype situation. Let’s say goodbye to these fake, stereotypical people we have become per the world’s requirements & follow God’s standards instead. The results will surely be much more rewarding.

friYAY faves

Today my mom gave me the great idea to share a few of my favorite-use-everyday-can’t-live-without-em items!!! Thanks for the inspiration mom 🙂 I have done mostly devotional posts on here but I think it’s time we add in some more lifestyle posts. So, without further ado, here are 4 of my current faves!

  1. Reading Psalms

This first favorite is something I recently started doing & another thing my mom told me about (she’s the best!). It is to read the Psalms of the next age that you will be. So for example, I am 17, so I read Psalms 18 everyday. It’s kinda like a guide that prepares you for the next year, which is pretty nifty. God’s Word always has some little surprise hiding within the pages. I read my Psalms from a book called the Tehillim (Hebrew word for Psalms) & love it!

  1. YL Renewal Serum

I have done one blog post before about Young Living essential oils, but that was just the basics. YL has MUCH more than just essential oils, they carry tons of oil-infused products. Ever since my mom & I went to a YL Beauty School last Nov. I have been faithfully using all of the facial care items & absolutely adore them. But this renewal serum. Lemme tell ya, it. is. delicious. Yes I know I’m still young & really don’t have any major skin issues to “renew” but my goal with this product is more proactive, trying to completely escape any of those issues in the future. The serum smells like vanilla & applies soooo smooth onto your skin!! I simply could not exclude this product from my list of faves!

  1. My new iPhone 6s!

What can I say? It has 4x the amount of storage that my old phone did, works MUCH faster & smoother, has a pretty gold back. Oh & did I mention it has lots and lots of storage??? That’s the best part.

  1. Artifact Uprising Prints

Artifact Uprising is a company that I found through the editing app VSCOCAM. They offer multiple options of ways to take the photos that normally stay on your phone & in the digital world and turn them into actual memories that you can hold. They recently had a code for a free set of 25 prints so Victorie & I each got a set & created this masterpiece!!

I hope you liked this kind of post, maybe I’ll even make it into a lil series or something! Feel free to comment some of your favorites below!

xoxo, Ash