My 1MISSION Campaign!!!

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Sweating so much your shirt turns a different color, the sound of constant hammering in your ears, a work load like no other, living the uncomfortable tent life for three nights, and a ridiculous amount of humidity. Imagine all this but you don’t care one bit. That sure does sound backwards… why would all this not bother you?? Because you & everyone around you is filled with so much stinkin’ love & hearts are overflowing with the joys of new friendships & Gods peace that passes all understanding. That is how I would describe the weekend of October 9th-12th for me. 400 high schoolers, including me, from Phoenix, AZ made the 4-hour drive down to Puerto Penasco, Mèxico. We had one mission(pun intended, hehe), to provide safe housing for thirteen families before the weekend was over. I am very happy to say that our mission was accomplished, all the homes were completed and the families are currently beginning a new life in them, but it was oh-so-much more than that. Hearts & lives were rejuvenated.

While in Mexico the 1MISSION staff gave all of us the opportunity to start a campaign to raise money and build even more sufficient housing around the world, but I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. It was like a, “Oh that’s cool, I hope lots of other people do it and change the world” & move on kind of thing. But ever since I’ve been home from that trip (over a month ago) I felt God tugging on my heart and bringing me back to the idea of starting a campaign. I kind of came to the realization that just taking 4 days away to do God’s work did not have to be the end, there is no limit to God’s strength, His power. I have gone to Puerto Penasco twice with 1MISSION and love what they do and the fact that it is much more than just donations and houses, they value connections and relationships, which sometimes makes more of a difference than four walls and a door. The beauty of 1MISSION is that they work with families, if someone wants a house they must earn it by serving in their community.

This venture of starting my campaign has been slightly delayed, I knew and have seen proof that this is the right direction to go, but I kept making excuses for myself saying things like, “It’s not the right timing”, “Not today, I have a lot to do”, and all other sorts of junk with no true reasons. God has given me the perspective that it is ridiculous to be selfish when He is the One who blessed me with a wonderful house, so why not do what I always say I want to do and be like Him by being apart of another family receiving their blessing of a home? So today I am choosing to obey God by launching my campaign! The donation page will be open until May 31st and my goal is $3000, which I know is a lot of money and honestly makes me a little nervous but I trust that the end results are in God’s hands. If you would like to help me reach my goal & be a part of providing a family with a brand spanking new home you can donate at Not to mention that prayer is extremely essential throughout this campaign & I’d be absolutely overjoyed if you would join me in praying for these families, what God is doing in their lives, and for His faithful provision. Thank you so so so very much to you all, I am stoked for what’s in store in the next few months!!!

xoxo, AshtonMy 1MISSION Campaign

Day 56 out of 365

 // Visit many good books but live in the Bible. \\

>>On August 1st I started something that lots of people attempt but few finish. Reading the Bible in one year. If I’m completely honest, this entire journey has been quite the struggle, until today. You see even from the first day of the plan I was behind. I didn’t set aside enough (or sometimes any) time during my day to do the reading, which resulted in it piling & piling up, until I felt like it’d take forever just to get caught up. I prefer to read my bible in the morning, you know for a fresh perspective to get me started for the day. But when I woke up I would find myself putting it off because I was just so overwhelmed & thought about how stinkin much I was behind.

However, a couple days ago, I changed my attitude towards it. I figured, there’s no way I can go the entire year just pushing it to the back of my mind, hoping to get caught up ‘someday’, I’d end up quitting eventually with that mindset. So I sat down, picked up my bible & started reading. I think I read like 20 straight chapters of Exodus at one point, which, let me tell you, was not easy. Once I began reading though, I was determined to get caught up, at least in the next couple days. And now here I am, on day 56 of the ‘Bible in a Year’ plan, the first day so far that I’ve been on track. I must say I’m pretty happy about it, although I realize it’s just the beginning, I’m going to have to work super hard to keep it up & not fall behind again. The main reason why I was itching so badly to be caught up was so that I could get back into spending time with my God & reading His word everyday, not just every once in awhile when I felt like reading a lil bit. 

Anyway, I didn’t share this with you to try and get you to read the bible in a year or anything like that, just with the hope that this will encourage you to start or continue reading your bible everyday, because boy do I see a difference in my days when I do. Also if there’s something in your life (not necessarily bible reading) that you feel behind on & keep pushing away, don’t give up. It truly is all about the attitude, if you tell your self you want to & can get it done, you will, and also asking God for strength to push through is always a good choice.



       We see it all over pinterest in pages of fancy fonts & pretty florals, quotes telling us to ‘throw kindness around like confetti’, ‘choose kindness’ or, as the new Cinderella movie has made popular, ‘have courage and be kind’. These sayings have (unfortunately) become overused, and forgettable. The reason why I say this is unfortunate is because they should be the ones we really take to heart. I don’t think we realize how much influence our words, or lack of words, have. One rude comment to the cashier at Target could make their day that much harder. On the other hand, just ignoring that text from someone you didn’t really want to hang out with might hurt their feelings.

       I’d like to challenge you to use your words wisely and fill them with kindness. If kind is still too cliché for you try replacing it with ‘compassion’ or ‘goodness’. When you see a post with the word kindness don’t just scroll past, try to delve into it & learn something new. Try with all your heart & soul to refresh your thoughts on kindness and change it from commonplace to admirable/magnificent/sensational/phenomenal, any or all of the above.

Little things like leaving a sweet note for a friend or paying it forward, can be powerful, but big things are even more powerful. 

       “3At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. 4But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, 5He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 6whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7so that, having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.” Titus 3:3-7

       As you can see from this verse, kindness is not a shallow, meaningless word; it is originated from God. HE created it & only HE completely understands it’s meaning. It’s up to us to do our best by following His calling when it comes to Kindness.

Awake your soul to the kindness it holds.

Bottled Goodness

my family is a huge believer in essential oils. i mean, anyone who knows me knows how faithfully I use my peppermint oil, haha. through lotsa research and experience we have found that the best option of using essential oils is through Young Living. These oils are constantly a part of my day from brushing my teeth, to trying to stay productive, to taking off my makeup at night. “There’s an oil for that” honestly is a true statement, because in reality it’s not the fact that you chose the right oil for whatever you need, it’s that you trust that no matter which oil you’re using, God can use it for your benefit.

Today I want to share with you the Premium Starter Kit that is available through Young Living. It comes with 11 oils to get you started, a diffuser (the one in the picture below is one of 4 options), 2 sample packets of Ningxia Red, which is a super fruit drink that promotes healthy energy, and oodles of samples so you can share your newfound discovery with friends!! it costs a total of $160 but I’ll let you in on a secret, if you order before August 31, the kit is $10 off!! 

Starter Kit

here are a few of my favorite oils that I use daily…

Peppermint: as I mentioned earlier I use this oil all day, err day. i like to call it my ‘comfort oil’, it’s always in my purse. it is excellent at soothing an uneasy stomach & that super unpleasant feeling you get in your head*, both of which I have dealt with since I was little, one short car ride and I’d be sick to my stomach, not fun. peppermint has definitely helped with this. i put a dab on my stomach or head depending where I need it, a dab on my tongue and it feels sooo refreshing.

Citrus Fresh: talk about refreshing, this oil is the epitome of that word. it is a blend of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and Spearmint oils, can you say YUM?!?!! i absolutely love diffusing this during the day, it can help boost your mood & just smells plain delicious.

Stress Away: it’s pretty self-explanitory but I’ll explain a little further. this one is another blend, consisting of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla (more of an absolute or essence rather than essential oil), Ocotea & Lavender. it smells so heavenly. Stress Away is the bonus oil in the kit and also comes with a roller top so you can roll it on your forehead, neck, and wrists to, as the YL website says, “combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life.” 

YL premium starter kit

if you’d like to become a Young Living member by purchasing the premium starter kit click on this link- – it will take you to my page on the FreshOilTeam (my parents YL business) website, just click on my member number to get started! also don’t forget you have the amazing ability to comment on this post if ya have any questions so feel free to do that 😉

hopefully you’ve gotten the idea from this that essential oils are simply important to me, i have seen the difference they make in my life &  I want to share them with others so they can experience it for themselves.

*just so you know, a few of the statements/words in this post may seem like I’m beating around the bush about what I’m trying to say, because I am. essential oils are not medicine and I am not a doctor so it would be wrong for me to mislead you by stating that they can heal any specific disease or anything

And off she went to change the world…

the argument eliminator between us siblings, someone I can always count on, the second mom of the family who is stricter than the first mom, the quirky child turned genuinely radiant soul. hm, who could this be?? my big sis, who just moved into college (two days ago, actually). not gonna lie, these next weeks are going to be different adjusting to the new normals. getting used to being the oldest child at home, having my role as a sibling & daughter change, not being able to just find Brianna in the house to ask her which picture I should post on instagram, etc etc. there may be some tears exchanged but they are 30% from sadness and 70% from being overwhelmingly proud of the beauteous woman she has become. Brianna- not only are you my sister, but you are one of the people who has helped shape my life, opinions & style, even if we don’t have the same style anymore 🙂 thank you’s galore to you for being so selfless & patient throughout the years. now go make plenty of college memories in your dorm sweet dorm!!!


your little sister Ash

The Power of Prayer

Prayer- it is the way we communicate with our Heavenly Father. It is extremely important in our everyday lives as Christians. I think we need to start praying big again. In the Bible people would pray for strength to overcome an entire city and have complete faith that when they prayed for a sign, God would tell them which direction to take through it. I feel like the prayers of this generation have become less confident than they could be. We have gotten rather good at giving God the reigns right before a math test or the big game, and don’t get me wrong, those are definitely things we should pray about, but we should also trust Him in the impossible situations. This is definitely something I have struggled with and am still working on, but I see how crucial it is to have such strong faith & that God ALWAYS answers. Here’s the thing though, He always gives us an answer, but that doesn’t mean He always says yes. Sometimes He tells us later, not now, maybe, or just straight up no. No matter what we pray or ask of Him, He will still do what is in His flawless plan. However, this does not mean there’s no reason to pray.

(James 1:5) If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

In this verse we are told that we cannot just magically have wisdom, we must pray and ask for it. Think about it this way, we don’t receive salvation at a certain age or anything like that, it’s whenever we decide for ourselves and go to God requesting it. Same with wisdom, forgiveness, discernment, etc. Prayer is very necessary in order for those virtues to be evident in our lives. 

Maybe you’ve only ever been taught how to pray when you need something from God or are in a troubling circumstance. A good piece of scripture to follow while praying is the Lord’s Prayer, found in Matthew 6:9-13…

This, then, is how you should pray: 9“‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name (Praise the Lord for all He is & everything He has done in your life) 10 your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (Give Him your full trust and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through your life) 11 Give us today our daily bread. (This is where you would say any prayer requests: whether for healing, or direction, or wisdom, like we talked about earlier, or anything) 12 And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. (Confession time, tell Him everything you have done wrong and ask Him to forgive you. Also, let go of any grudges against those who have hurt you.) 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. (Declare that you feel secure in knowing that our Heavenly Father has the power to completely overcome the devil.)

I am not at all saying this is the ‘only’ or ‘right’ way to pray, because any prayer is a good prayer and God hears them all. I have just found that this outline is excellent if you aren’t sure where to start or just need a little direction to stay focused 🙂 I use this almost everytime I pray & it works really well for me. My favorite part is that it starts out with praise, which is something God demands from us. I try to keep my praise to things simply about my Lord, leaving myself out of it. For example, I wouldn’t usually say “I praise you for loving me unconditionally” rather “I praise you because you are capable of unconditional love”. This way it truly is just about giving all the glory to the One who deserves it. Again, I know this is not required and I do not expect it from everyone, just my personal preference. 

I could honestly go on & on & on about the value of prayer and how genuinely powerful it is. You may even see another post on this in the future. I just really love talking to my Creator and hope you have or will experience how wonderful it is!!


the power of prayer-2



Smoothie- Simple&Sweet


alrighty friends. today we are talking smoothies(one of my all-time favorite things). honestly, I’m not one to measure out every little ingredient or even follow a recipe- especially when it comes to smoothies. most of the time i just throw together whatever we have and hope it ends up tasting good! but hey, then you can know you are drinking a one-of-a-kind smoothie that will probably never be made again and feel super cool right? whatever the case, i kind of have a certain recipe that i always tend to lean towards & that is what i’ll be sharing with you today!

INGREDIENTS: (like i said, this is never exact but for the blog post’ sake here are some general measurements)

–2 cups frozen berry mix–2 cups frozen strawberries–1 cup coconut milk

IMG_3632IMG_3633IMG_3635 IMG_3629

first choose your fruit, i used a frozen berry mix from costco as well as frozen strawberries. using frozen fruit is great because there is no need to add ice, which can water down your smoothie ((no bueno)). once you’ve poured in your fruit you need a liquid, otherwise, well it might be difficult to blend. i love using coconut milk because it adds a nice texture and more to the taste rather than just berries. i actually did not have coconut milk while making this smoothie but i did have coconut cream (basically the same thing just thicker) so i just mixed equal parts of that with water and tada! coconut milk.

then we turn on the blender and mix that baby up. once it’s to the texture you want, pour your creation into a cup, pop in a colorful straw & sip away!!




i hope you try this recipe because it’s legit life-changing, sooo simple to make, super healthy and you can’t forget how incredibly tasty it is! if you do give it a go, send me a picture somehow or someway through one of the many social media apps we have now, haha. thanks for reading!


Happiness Is…

today i wanted to share a light-hearted post with you all to hopefully add some positive vibes to this Monday evenin! so I whipped up a list of 87 things that define the word happiness to me. being happy is not my main goal in life, having Christ’s true joy is. however, it’s definitely not a bad thing & sometimes you just need a reminder of all the wonderful things there are around you. maybe this post will be that reminder for someone. now let’s dig into some o’ this happiness 🙂


1. finding long-lost cash in your pocket

2. free hotel breakfast

3. simplicity

4. spinning on an office chair

5. joining a line just before it gets really long

6. music that takes you back

7. dancing like idiots

8. being the first one up in the morning

9. no dirty dishes in the sink

10. saying the same thing at the same time as someone else

11. waking up to a beautiful day

12. when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke

13. using a pen til the very last drop of ink

14. a hug

15. a spoonful of icecream

16. jamming in the car with the windows down

17. meeting someone who loves the same books as you

18. peeling a tangerine in one piece

19. making a baby laugh

20. building a fort

21. making a list of where you want to travel

22. making lists in general

23. bubble wrap

24. watching a child’s imagination

25. an adventure with a camera

26. getting the shower temperature right the first time

27. when each sock in the laundry has a pair

28. an Aha! moment

29. a bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries

30. eating last night’s pizza for breakfast

31. a day spent in nature

32. rearranging furniture

33. an unexpected discount at checkout

34. finding a power outlet at the airport

35. discovering a great new song

36. the sound of leaves crunching

37. a fully charged phone

38. when you can still smell the bonfire on your clothes the next day

39. making s’mores

40. a big hug from a small person

41. a bike ride on a summer night

42. people-watching

43. sitting on the beach at night

44. a comfortable silence

45. remembering a thought you couldn’t remember earlier

46. being home alone

47. going through old photos

48. the view of clouds from an airplane

49. time spent with God

50. sock-skating around the house

51. penny boarding down a hill

52. receiving an unexpected package in the mail

53. a compliment from a stranger

54. napping outdoors

55. making it to the gas station on “E”

56. when you tear a page from a notebook with a perfectly neat edge

57. a view of the sea

58. a warm blanket straight out of the dryer

59. bonfires

60. when you suddenly understand the meaning of a song

61. handwritten letters

62. finishing a to-do list

63. fitting everything in your suitcase easily

64. deep talks

65. using a suitcase you brought to the beach and finding sand in the bottom

66. a full tank of gas

67. airport renunions

68. a fully stocked kitchen

69. doodling

70. a compliment that has nothing to do with appearance

71. walking up a down escalator 

72. the smell of rain in the desert

73. dropping your phone and catching it mid-air

74. crafting things

75. sunflowers

76. riding a roller coaster

77. bouncing really high on a trampoline

78. laughing til your belly aches

79. the first page of a new notebook

80. a clean bedroom

81. reminiscing

82. when a baby holds your finger and refuses to let go

83. stargazing

84. scaring the living daylights out of someone

85. having a really good family conversation

86. finding a bible verse that is exactly what you needed to hear

87. a solid high-five

now that I’ve shared what makes me smile, I want to know what little (or big) things fancy your feathers. leave me a comment with which of the happy things listed in this post were your favorite or with your own. thanks for reading!! 

xoxo, Ash