Happiness Is…

today i wanted to share a light-hearted post with you all to hopefully add some positive vibes to this Monday evenin! so I whipped up a list of 87 things that define the word happiness to me. being happy is not my main goal in life, having Christ’s true joy is. however, it’s definitely not a bad thing & sometimes you just need a reminder of all the wonderful things there are around you. maybe this post will be that reminder for someone. now let’s dig into some o’ this happiness 🙂


1. finding long-lost cash in your pocket

2. free hotel breakfast

3. simplicity

4. spinning on an office chair

5. joining a line just before it gets really long

6. music that takes you back

7. dancing like idiots

8. being the first one up in the morning

9. no dirty dishes in the sink

10. saying the same thing at the same time as someone else

11. waking up to a beautiful day

12. when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke

13. using a pen til the very last drop of ink

14. a hug

15. a spoonful of icecream

16. jamming in the car with the windows down

17. meeting someone who loves the same books as you

18. peeling a tangerine in one piece

19. making a baby laugh

20. building a fort

21. making a list of where you want to travel

22. making lists in general

23. bubble wrap

24. watching a child’s imagination

25. an adventure with a camera

26. getting the shower temperature right the first time

27. when each sock in the laundry has a pair

28. an Aha! moment

29. a bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries

30. eating last night’s pizza for breakfast

31. a day spent in nature

32. rearranging furniture

33. an unexpected discount at checkout

34. finding a power outlet at the airport

35. discovering a great new song

36. the sound of leaves crunching

37. a fully charged phone

38. when you can still smell the bonfire on your clothes the next day

39. making s’mores

40. a big hug from a small person

41. a bike ride on a summer night

42. people-watching

43. sitting on the beach at night

44. a comfortable silence

45. remembering a thought you couldn’t remember earlier

46. being home alone

47. going through old photos

48. the view of clouds from an airplane

49. time spent with God

50. sock-skating around the house

51. penny boarding down a hill

52. receiving an unexpected package in the mail

53. a compliment from a stranger

54. napping outdoors

55. making it to the gas station on “E”

56. when you tear a page from a notebook with a perfectly neat edge

57. a view of the sea

58. a warm blanket straight out of the dryer

59. bonfires

60. when you suddenly understand the meaning of a song

61. handwritten letters

62. finishing a to-do list

63. fitting everything in your suitcase easily

64. deep talks

65. using a suitcase you brought to the beach and finding sand in the bottom

66. a full tank of gas

67. airport renunions

68. a fully stocked kitchen

69. doodling

70. a compliment that has nothing to do with appearance

71. walking up a down escalator 

72. the smell of rain in the desert

73. dropping your phone and catching it mid-air

74. crafting things

75. sunflowers

76. riding a roller coaster

77. bouncing really high on a trampoline

78. laughing til your belly aches

79. the first page of a new notebook

80. a clean bedroom

81. reminiscing

82. when a baby holds your finger and refuses to let go

83. stargazing

84. scaring the living daylights out of someone

85. having a really good family conversation

86. finding a bible verse that is exactly what you needed to hear

87. a solid high-five

now that I’ve shared what makes me smile, I want to know what little (or big) things fancy your feathers. leave me a comment with which of the happy things listed in this post were your favorite or with your own. thanks for reading!! 

xoxo, Ash


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  1. I liked “time spent with God” and “a view of the sea”. Thank you for sharing this Ashton.

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