Day 56 out of 365

 // Visit many good books but live in the Bible. \\

>>On August 1st I started something that lots of people attempt but few finish. Reading the Bible in one year. If I’m completely honest, this entire journey has been quite the struggle, until today. You see even from the first day of the plan I was behind. I didn’t set aside enough (or sometimes any) time during my day to do the reading, which resulted in it piling & piling up, until I felt like it’d take forever just to get caught up. I prefer to read my bible in the morning, you know for a fresh perspective to get me started for the day. But when I woke up I would find myself putting it off because I was just so overwhelmed & thought about how stinkin much I was behind.

However, a couple days ago, I changed my attitude towards it. I figured, there’s no way I can go the entire year just pushing it to the back of my mind, hoping to get caught up ‘someday’, I’d end up quitting eventually with that mindset. So I sat down, picked up my bible & started reading. I think I read like 20 straight chapters of Exodus at one point, which, let me tell you, was not easy. Once I began reading though, I was determined to get caught up, at least in the next couple days. And now here I am, on day 56 of the ‘Bible in a Year’ plan, the first day so far that I’ve been on track. I must say I’m pretty happy about it, although I realize it’s just the beginning, I’m going to have to work super hard to keep it up & not fall behind again. The main reason why I was itching so badly to be caught up was so that I could get back into spending time with my God & reading His word everyday, not just every once in awhile when I felt like reading a lil bit. 

Anyway, I didn’t share this with you to try and get you to read the bible in a year or anything like that, just with the hope that this will encourage you to start or continue reading your bible everyday, because boy do I see a difference in my days when I do. Also if there’s something in your life (not necessarily bible reading) that you feel behind on & keep pushing away, don’t give up. It truly is all about the attitude, if you tell your self you want to & can get it done, you will, and also asking God for strength to push through is always a good choice.


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