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Provision in Unity.

Hello all!! Just stopping in to let you know that my 1mission campaign has officially come to a close. Say what?!?! But oh how it has been worth it!!!!! It makes me so unbelievably happy to know that multiple families will be living in safe, adequate homes all because of YOUR generosity!!! When I first began this campaign I was thinking through what dollar amount I should set my goal at. My first couple ideas were more on the reachable, not too difficult side of things, which is not necessarily bad. But God was telling me to open up my heart & mind to bigger things, so with an excited, yet slightly uncertain, attitude I decided on $3000 as the goal. It was pretty dang scary to tell you the truth. But now, after 7 long, fulfilling months full of fundraising, giving up my birthday, selling stickers, washing cars, partnering with Rita’s Italian Ice, and other miscellaneous donations, all together we have raised just about $3500!!!!!! It was not just about my individual campaign either though, there were many other students who chose to start campaigns at the same time as I did after being given a bit of motivation on our 1mission build trip in Mexico last October. Now here comes the best part… brace yourself… all of our campaigns combined raised a total of $23,997!!! I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw that number! This is genuine proof that there is no telling what will happen when a large group of people unite through faith in God & a desire to make the world a better place. It has been such a blessing to play a part, no matter how small, in getting as many families as possible into their cherished homes. So many people were/are involved in each step of the process. Ever heard the phrase, “2 heads are better than one”? Well it’s true, and 3 heads are better than 2 and 100 heads are better than 99. The Lord our God will surely provide when we put forth our full effort & harmonize our goals with those of the loved ones & strangers around us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each & every one of you who contributed, whether financially or through prayer. This outcome did not happen because of just me, by any means, it was fully a group effort. I also want to give a special thanks to my parents & siblings for being oh-so supportive throughout this whole thing, from donating their own money, helping me at events, and promoting the campaign through word of mouth and social media, I honestly could not have done it so effectively without them! Last but not least I want to thank 1mission for having such a strong, contagious passion for building safe homes & for the families who receive them, I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization!!



friYAY faves

Today my mom gave me the great idea to share a few of my favorite-use-everyday-can’t-live-without-em items!!! Thanks for the inspiration mom 🙂 I have done mostly devotional posts on here but I think it’s time we add in some more lifestyle posts. So, without further ado, here are 4 of my current faves!

  1. Reading Psalms

This first favorite is something I recently started doing & another thing my mom told me about (she’s the best!). It is to read the Psalms of the next age that you will be. So for example, I am 17, so I read Psalms 18 everyday. It’s kinda like a guide that prepares you for the next year, which is pretty nifty. God’s Word always has some little surprise hiding within the pages. I read my Psalms from a book called the Tehillim (Hebrew word for Psalms) & love it!

  1. YL Renewal Serum

I have done one blog post before about Young Living essential oils, but that was just the basics. YL has MUCH more than just essential oils, they carry tons of oil-infused products. Ever since my mom & I went to a YL Beauty School last Nov. I have been faithfully using all of the facial care items & absolutely adore them. But this renewal serum. Lemme tell ya, it. is. delicious. Yes I know I’m still young & really don’t have any major skin issues to “renew” but my goal with this product is more proactive, trying to completely escape any of those issues in the future. The serum smells like vanilla & applies soooo smooth onto your skin!! I simply could not exclude this product from my list of faves!

  1. My new iPhone 6s!

What can I say? It has 4x the amount of storage that my old phone did, works MUCH faster & smoother, has a pretty gold back. Oh & did I mention it has lots and lots of storage??? That’s the best part.

  1. Artifact Uprising Prints

Artifact Uprising is a company that I found through the editing app VSCOCAM. They offer multiple options of ways to take the photos that normally stay on your phone & in the digital world and turn them into actual memories that you can hold. They recently had a code for a free set of 25 prints so Victorie & I each got a set & created this masterpiece!!

I hope you liked this kind of post, maybe I’ll even make it into a lil series or something! Feel free to comment some of your favorites below!

xoxo, Ash


       We see it all over pinterest in pages of fancy fonts & pretty florals, quotes telling us to ‘throw kindness around like confetti’, ‘choose kindness’ or, as the new Cinderella movie has made popular, ‘have courage and be kind’. These sayings have (unfortunately) become overused, and forgettable. The reason why I say this is unfortunate is because they should be the ones we really take to heart. I don’t think we realize how much influence our words, or lack of words, have. One rude comment to the cashier at Target could make their day that much harder. On the other hand, just ignoring that text from someone you didn’t really want to hang out with might hurt their feelings.

       I’d like to challenge you to use your words wisely and fill them with kindness. If kind is still too cliché for you try replacing it with ‘compassion’ or ‘goodness’. When you see a post with the word kindness don’t just scroll past, try to delve into it & learn something new. Try with all your heart & soul to refresh your thoughts on kindness and change it from commonplace to admirable/magnificent/sensational/phenomenal, any or all of the above.

Little things like leaving a sweet note for a friend or paying it forward, can be powerful, but big things are even more powerful. 

       “3At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. 4But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, 5He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 6whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7so that, having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.” Titus 3:3-7

       As you can see from this verse, kindness is not a shallow, meaningless word; it is originated from God. HE created it & only HE completely understands it’s meaning. It’s up to us to do our best by following His calling when it comes to Kindness.

Awake your soul to the kindness it holds.

And off she went to change the world…

the argument eliminator between us siblings, someone I can always count on, the second mom of the family who is stricter than the first mom, the quirky child turned genuinely radiant soul. hm, who could this be?? my big sis, who just moved into college (two days ago, actually). not gonna lie, these next weeks are going to be different adjusting to the new normals. getting used to being the oldest child at home, having my role as a sibling & daughter change, not being able to just find Brianna in the house to ask her which picture I should post on instagram, etc etc. there may be some tears exchanged but they are 30% from sadness and 70% from being overwhelmingly proud of the beauteous woman she has become. Brianna- not only are you my sister, but you are one of the people who has helped shape my life, opinions & style, even if we don’t have the same style anymore 🙂 thank you’s galore to you for being so selfless & patient throughout the years. now go make plenty of college memories in your dorm sweet dorm!!!


your little sister Ash

Happiness Is…

today i wanted to share a light-hearted post with you all to hopefully add some positive vibes to this Monday evenin! so I whipped up a list of 87 things that define the word happiness to me. being happy is not my main goal in life, having Christ’s true joy is. however, it’s definitely not a bad thing & sometimes you just need a reminder of all the wonderful things there are around you. maybe this post will be that reminder for someone. now let’s dig into some o’ this happiness 🙂


1. finding long-lost cash in your pocket

2. free hotel breakfast

3. simplicity

4. spinning on an office chair

5. joining a line just before it gets really long

6. music that takes you back

7. dancing like idiots

8. being the first one up in the morning

9. no dirty dishes in the sink

10. saying the same thing at the same time as someone else

11. waking up to a beautiful day

12. when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke

13. using a pen til the very last drop of ink

14. a hug

15. a spoonful of icecream

16. jamming in the car with the windows down

17. meeting someone who loves the same books as you

18. peeling a tangerine in one piece

19. making a baby laugh

20. building a fort

21. making a list of where you want to travel

22. making lists in general

23. bubble wrap

24. watching a child’s imagination

25. an adventure with a camera

26. getting the shower temperature right the first time

27. when each sock in the laundry has a pair

28. an Aha! moment

29. a bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries

30. eating last night’s pizza for breakfast

31. a day spent in nature

32. rearranging furniture

33. an unexpected discount at checkout

34. finding a power outlet at the airport

35. discovering a great new song

36. the sound of leaves crunching

37. a fully charged phone

38. when you can still smell the bonfire on your clothes the next day

39. making s’mores

40. a big hug from a small person

41. a bike ride on a summer night

42. people-watching

43. sitting on the beach at night

44. a comfortable silence

45. remembering a thought you couldn’t remember earlier

46. being home alone

47. going through old photos

48. the view of clouds from an airplane

49. time spent with God

50. sock-skating around the house

51. penny boarding down a hill

52. receiving an unexpected package in the mail

53. a compliment from a stranger

54. napping outdoors

55. making it to the gas station on “E”

56. when you tear a page from a notebook with a perfectly neat edge

57. a view of the sea

58. a warm blanket straight out of the dryer

59. bonfires

60. when you suddenly understand the meaning of a song

61. handwritten letters

62. finishing a to-do list

63. fitting everything in your suitcase easily

64. deep talks

65. using a suitcase you brought to the beach and finding sand in the bottom

66. a full tank of gas

67. airport renunions

68. a fully stocked kitchen

69. doodling

70. a compliment that has nothing to do with appearance

71. walking up a down escalator 

72. the smell of rain in the desert

73. dropping your phone and catching it mid-air

74. crafting things

75. sunflowers

76. riding a roller coaster

77. bouncing really high on a trampoline

78. laughing til your belly aches

79. the first page of a new notebook

80. a clean bedroom

81. reminiscing

82. when a baby holds your finger and refuses to let go

83. stargazing

84. scaring the living daylights out of someone

85. having a really good family conversation

86. finding a bible verse that is exactly what you needed to hear

87. a solid high-five

now that I’ve shared what makes me smile, I want to know what little (or big) things fancy your feathers. leave me a comment with which of the happy things listed in this post were your favorite or with your own. thanks for reading!! 

xoxo, Ash


The Start of Something New

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This is it. My first blog post. I have been working on this project since I made it one of my 2015 goals at the beginning of the year. With this blog I am hoping to, if nothing else, encourage others to grow in their personal relationship with Christ & help expand God’s kingdom. If you’re reading this then a great big “Thank You” from me to you!! I appreciate you taking a peek at what this is all about & I hope you like what you see 🙂 My posts on here will be a hodgepodge of devotions, beauty-related (i am a teenage girl for pete’s sake), lifestyle things- like essential oils, film photography, organization, delish recipes, room decor, etc- and probably a few other random topics! This is just a little post to set the foundation and introduce you to SunshineLaine! Look forward to another post “Life Is A Garden” coming soon! Bye for now!

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