Bird’s Eye View

IMG_1349You know those typical looking-out-of-the-airplane-window pictures that people tend to post every single time they fly?? (example above) Well, if I’m honest, these photos used to be awfully cliché to me. I changed my mind after a 3 hour flight I was on yesterday, though. You see, I found that flying is a pretty much the BEST time for contemplation & reconsidering these seemingly annoying things.

What I have come to realize is that, beneath the disguise of normality we have placed on flying, there is still an innate sense of fascination inside each of us for this indescribable feeling. The ability to look down on our world from a perspective we don’t often get is so captivating to us. It’s the bird’s eye view we sometimes wish we could have on our own lives, with everything in sight and perfectly organized in distinct shapes of squares & circles. Being above & in the clouds, we really can’t help but feel close to God. It drives us to ponder each individual piece of creation, and the way each of those things bonds to one another, forming something so incredible that we could never even begin to comprehend it.

Sometimes I get upset when motion sickness kicks in on airplane rides, then I remember that I’m like 40,000 miles up in the air, breathing normal oxygen, sitting in a (semi) comfortable seat & end up just being thankful for the inventive miracles that God has blessed our world with.

I urge you to keep on posting those one-of-a-kind pictures from above, because they are a true reminder of the fascination of God’s handiwork ingrained in us since birth.

N E V E R stop admiring the everyday gifts from God.

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  1. Love love this! You are so thoughtful!

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