And off she went to change the world…

the argument eliminator between us siblings, someone I can always count on, the second mom of the family who is stricter than the first mom, the quirky child turned genuinely radiant soul. hm, who could this be?? my big sis, who just moved into college (two days ago, actually). not gonna lie, these next weeks are going to be different adjusting to the new normals. getting used to being the oldest child at home, having my role as a sibling & daughter change, not being able to just find Brianna in the house to ask her which picture I should post on instagram, etc etc. there may be some tears exchanged but they are 30% from sadness and 70% from being overwhelmingly proud of the beauteous woman she has become. Brianna- not only are you my sister, but you are one of the people who has helped shape my life, opinions & style, even if we don’t have the same style anymore 🙂 thank you’s galore to you for being so selfless & patient throughout the years. now go make plenty of college memories in your dorm sweet dorm!!!


your little sister Ash

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  1. i just happened across this again and i am almost in tears. you make my heart burst. love you sister

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