1Mission Round 2

DONATE HERE: https://my.1mission.org/c/5634/ashtonis19

Hey everyone! Some of you may remember the 1Mission campaign I did in December 2015 – May 2016, where we raised $3500 towards building homes for families in Mexico. It was truly an incredible learning & growing experience for me because I had to 100% abandon my heart & my abilities to God and trust that He would take control. And as He always is, God was present through the entire journey, proving Himself faithful time and time again.

Well now here I am, 2 years later, ready to launch another campaign to celebrate my 19th birthday on February 14th. YAY!!! I am so pumped for this!! I want the start of my next year of life to be a reflection of the rest of the year, and this was the absolute best thing I could think of! As I have mentioned many a time, I have a strong passion for the organization of 1Mission and their mindset of partnership. Rather than offering free handouts to families in need they work with these families to build them not only a home, but also a community and a future. I have been to Mexico with 1Mission 5 times, with 3+ trips planned for 2018. Also, just to clarify, the money raised from this campaign is not going towards me going on a trip, 100% of the donations will go straight to 1Mission and be used to build homes for families who have earned their volunteer hours.

My last campaign lasted about 6 months, but this one will be specifically for my birthday and last until the end of February. I didn’t really think of doing another campaign when I turned 18, but I was thinking about it after my birthday last year and kind of just thought “why didn’t I do that again?”. I remembered how fulfilling it was to spend my 17th birthday partnering with family, friends, and strangers to better our world and give God ALLLL the glory that He alone deserves. So when I was thinking about this year’s birthday there was no question about it, God was once again calling me to launch a campaign! I have often heard that God blesses us, not for our benefit, but so that we can, in return, bless others. God has blessed me with an amazing life and there is no reason in heck why I should keep it to myself!! God has given me a purpose that is outside of Ashton, I don’t know fully what that purpose entails, but I feel like this is a pretty dang good start.

I will say there was one more motivation for doing this campaign. My friend Rory from my high school church group recently passed away, and some of my favorite memories with her were from when we all went on Mexico mission trips with 1Mission, so this campaign is also meant to honor her.

My goal is to raise $1900 by the end of February and I would be absolutely         O V E R J O Y E D  if you would join me in this project by donating whatever amount you feel lead to (link below & above), as well as by praying with me for the families who will be receiving new homes this year!!! I am so looking forward to what God is going to do through this!!

Thank you! || Ashton

DONATE HERE: https://my.1mission.org/c/5634/ashtonis19

1Mission Mexico Trip // October 2015                                                                                  (I’m on the far right & Rory is right next to me in the black hat)

1Mission Mexico Trip // October 2016

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