1Mission Round 2

DONATE HERE: https://my.1mission.org/c/5634/ashtonis19

Hey everyone! Some of you may remember the 1Mission campaign I did in December 2015 – May 2016, where we raised $3500 towards building homes for families in Mexico. It was truly an incredible learning & growing experience for me because I had to 100% abandon my heart & my abilities to God and trust that He would take control. And as He always is, God was present through the entire journey, proving Himself faithful time and time again.

Well now here I am, 2 years later, ready to launch another campaign to celebrate my 19th birthday on February 14th. YAY!!! I am so pumped for this!! I want the start of my next year of life to be a reflection of the rest of the year, and this was the absolute best thing I could think of! As I have mentioned many a time, I have a strong passion for the organization of 1Mission and their mindset of partnership. Rather than offering free handouts to families in need they work with these families to build them not only a home, but also a community and a future. I have been to Mexico with 1Mission 5 times, with 3+ trips planned for 2018. Also, just to clarify, the money raised from this campaign is not going towards me going on a trip, 100% of the donations will go straight to 1Mission and be used to build homes for families who have earned their volunteer hours.

My last campaign lasted about 6 months, but this one will be specifically for my birthday and last until the end of February. I didn’t really think of doing another campaign when I turned 18, but I was thinking about it after my birthday last year and kind of just thought “why didn’t I do that again?”. I remembered how fulfilling it was to spend my 17th birthday partnering with family, friends, and strangers to better our world and give God ALLLL the glory that He alone deserves. So when I was thinking about this year’s birthday there was no question about it, God was once again calling me to launch a campaign! I have often heard that God blesses us, not for our benefit, but so that we can, in return, bless others. God has blessed me with an amazing life and there is no reason in heck why I should keep it to myself!! God has given me a purpose that is outside of Ashton, I don’t know fully what that purpose entails, but I feel like this is a pretty dang good start.

I will say there was one more motivation for doing this campaign. My friend Rory from my high school church group recently passed away, and some of my favorite memories with her were from when we all went on Mexico mission trips with 1Mission, so this campaign is also meant to honor her.

My goal is to raise $1900 by the end of February and I would be absolutely         O V E R J O Y E D  if you would join me in this project by donating whatever amount you feel lead to (link below & above), as well as by praying with me for the families who will be receiving new homes this year!!! I am so looking forward to what God is going to do through this!!

Thank you! || Ashton

DONATE HERE: https://my.1mission.org/c/5634/ashtonis19

1Mission Mexico Trip // October 2015                                                                                  (I’m on the far right & Rory is right next to me in the black hat)

1Mission Mexico Trip // October 2016

Bird’s Eye View

IMG_1349You know those typical looking-out-of-the-airplane-window pictures that people tend to post every single time they fly?? (example above) Well, if I’m honest, these photos used to be awfully cliché to me. I changed my mind after a 3 hour flight I was on yesterday, though. You see, I found that flying is a pretty much the BEST time for contemplation & reconsidering these seemingly annoying things.

What I have come to realize is that, beneath the disguise of normality we have placed on flying, there is still an innate sense of fascination inside each of us for this indescribable feeling. The ability to look down on our world from a perspective we don’t often get is so captivating to us. It’s the bird’s eye view we sometimes wish we could have on our own lives, with everything in sight and perfectly organized in distinct shapes of squares & circles. Being above & in the clouds, we really can’t help but feel close to God. It drives us to ponder each individual piece of creation, and the way each of those things bonds to one another, forming something so incredible that we could never even begin to comprehend it.

Sometimes I get upset when motion sickness kicks in on airplane rides, then I remember that I’m like 40,000 miles up in the air, breathing normal oxygen, sitting in a (semi) comfortable seat & end up just being thankful for the inventive miracles that God has blessed our world with.

I urge you to keep on posting those one-of-a-kind pictures from above, because they are a true reminder of the fascination of God’s handiwork ingrained in us since birth.

N E V E R stop admiring the everyday gifts from God.

Stuck in the Stereotype

In our society there are certain sayings, possessions, actions, personalities, and attitudes that have become the “normal”. Unfortunately, those who are outside of that box of so-called normality have a tendency to be less accepted. It is completely okay for everyone to have their own personality, that is exactly what I’m trying to promote here, but when one certain personality type is deemed “better” is when everything goes amiss.

It breaks my heart to see so many smart, powerful individuals fall into default mode from fear of rejection. I have found myself in this situation before, and realized at a certain point that I needed to break out of the comfort zone I had created if I ever wanted to fulfill God’s true purpose for my life. Without thinking we have created community full of monotony. There are so many more opportunities for growth & individuality with the resources we have around us.

Take finals week, for example. Everyone knows it is notorious for being extremely stressful. But that’s the thing, is it really as terrible as we make it sound? Or is it just that we hear those negative words being spoken about it & automatically think the same negative thoughts? Yes, I do understand, finals week can be a very busy, full time, but it does not have to become so stressful that the joy of life disappears in a frenzy of study guides & sleepless nights.

Negativity is not something we want foremost in our lives, and it just so happens to grow like a weed in this whole stereotype situation. Let’s say goodbye to these fake, stereotypical people we have become per the world’s requirements & follow God’s standards instead. The results will surely be much more rewarding.

Provision in Unity.

Hello all!! Just stopping in to let you know that my 1mission campaign has officially come to a close. Say what?!?! But oh how it has been worth it!!!!! It makes me so unbelievably happy to know that multiple families will be living in safe, adequate homes all because of YOUR generosity!!! When I first began this campaign I was thinking through what dollar amount I should set my goal at. My first couple ideas were more on the reachable, not too difficult side of things, which is not necessarily bad. But God was telling me to open up my heart & mind to bigger things, so with an excited, yet slightly uncertain, attitude I decided on $3000 as the goal. It was pretty dang scary to tell you the truth. But now, after 7 long, fulfilling months full of fundraising, giving up my birthday, selling stickers, washing cars, partnering with Rita’s Italian Ice, and other miscellaneous donations, all together we have raised just about $3500!!!!!! It was not just about my individual campaign either though, there were many other students who chose to start campaigns at the same time as I did after being given a bit of motivation on our 1mission build trip in Mexico last October. Now here comes the best part… brace yourself… all of our campaigns combined raised a total of $23,997!!! I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw that number! This is genuine proof that there is no telling what will happen when a large group of people unite through faith in God & a desire to make the world a better place. It has been such a blessing to play a part, no matter how small, in getting as many families as possible into their cherished homes. So many people were/are involved in each step of the process. Ever heard the phrase, “2 heads are better than one”? Well it’s true, and 3 heads are better than 2 and 100 heads are better than 99. The Lord our God will surely provide when we put forth our full effort & harmonize our goals with those of the loved ones & strangers around us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each & every one of you who contributed, whether financially or through prayer. This outcome did not happen because of just me, by any means, it was fully a group effort. I also want to give a special thanks to my parents & siblings for being oh-so supportive throughout this whole thing, from donating their own money, helping me at events, and promoting the campaign through word of mouth and social media, I honestly could not have done it so effectively without them! Last but not least I want to thank 1mission for having such a strong, contagious passion for building safe homes & for the families who receive them, I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization!!



friYAY faves

Today my mom gave me the great idea to share a few of my favorite-use-everyday-can’t-live-without-em items!!! Thanks for the inspiration mom 🙂 I have done mostly devotional posts on here but I think it’s time we add in some more lifestyle posts. So, without further ado, here are 4 of my current faves!

  1. Reading Psalms

This first favorite is something I recently started doing & another thing my mom told me about (she’s the best!). It is to read the Psalms of the next age that you will be. So for example, I am 17, so I read Psalms 18 everyday. It’s kinda like a guide that prepares you for the next year, which is pretty nifty. God’s Word always has some little surprise hiding within the pages. I read my Psalms from a book called the Tehillim (Hebrew word for Psalms) & love it!

  1. YL Renewal Serum

I have done one blog post before about Young Living essential oils, but that was just the basics. YL has MUCH more than just essential oils, they carry tons of oil-infused products. Ever since my mom & I went to a YL Beauty School last Nov. I have been faithfully using all of the facial care items & absolutely adore them. But this renewal serum. Lemme tell ya, it. is. delicious. Yes I know I’m still young & really don’t have any major skin issues to “renew” but my goal with this product is more proactive, trying to completely escape any of those issues in the future. The serum smells like vanilla & applies soooo smooth onto your skin!! I simply could not exclude this product from my list of faves!

  1. My new iPhone 6s!

What can I say? It has 4x the amount of storage that my old phone did, works MUCH faster & smoother, has a pretty gold back. Oh & did I mention it has lots and lots of storage??? That’s the best part.

  1. Artifact Uprising Prints

Artifact Uprising is a company that I found through the editing app VSCOCAM. They offer multiple options of ways to take the photos that normally stay on your phone & in the digital world and turn them into actual memories that you can hold. They recently had a code for a free set of 25 prints so Victorie & I each got a set & created this masterpiece!!

I hope you liked this kind of post, maybe I’ll even make it into a lil series or something! Feel free to comment some of your favorites below!

xoxo, Ash

Simple & Holy

Simplify. What a beautiful, absolutely refreshing concept it is that this word implies. Rather than meaning mundane, plain, or boring, as some might think, to me this word fully encompasses what a renewed life should, and can, look like. In the New Year we simplify and set goals for the next 12 months, during spring cleaning we organize our homes, rooms, and closets and simplify them. When one is baptized into the Kingdom of God they choose to simplify their heart and make room for what is now most important. We do undertake this idea of simplifying periodically, but it is not enough. Piles upon piles of junk accumulate anyway, in our thoughts, words, bedrooms, minds, lives, etc. I don’t know about you, but I feel like my heart & soul could really use a breath of fresh air to cleanse myself from this clutter daily

To dig even deeper into this idea of simplicity, though, let’s build a connection between it and the word Holiness. I have been learning a lot about both of these terms recently, and how curiously similar they really are. To be simple can also mean to be holy. Any everyday occurrence, such as putting on your shoes or making the bed, can become a meaningful way to elevate ourselves to God. Just by purposely thinking about how thankful I am to have multiple pairs of shoes that I get to choose from each day, or praising God for blessing me with a comfortable bed and a house to sleep in every night during the process of these things, I can work towards achieving this state of elevation. It is all about having a positive, grateful mindset.

Think about the moment of baby Jesus’ birth. There was nothing absolutely extraordinary about it from first glance. I mean, yes, legions of angels appeared in the sky and sang praises to a baby whose birth was witnessed by farm animals, but still, for the most part it was a simple night, with simple people. But it was also the holiest of all holy nights. This occasion in history, as well as all the other stories that are written in the Bible for us to read at any time, sets a perfect example of marrying these two concepts, simplicity and holiness, and receiving a breathtaking life full of His blessing in return.



A Birthday Worth Committing

Many of you may have seen my last blog post regarding my 1MISSION Campaign with all the details and a little story explaining my ‘why’ of the whole situation. (If not, you can read through it here: My 1MISSION Campaign) This last week I decided to take the next step and use my 17th birthday, which is on February 14th(Valentines Day), to advance my campaign, as well as to obey God once again. I am so thrilled about this you guys!! Instead of gifts I request that you donate to https://my.1mission.org/AshtonJensensCampaign! 

This was not an easy decision, & to be honest, I really struggled with selfishness at the beginning. But God has already taught me so much that I am very thankful for. One thing that God has revealed to me numerous times recently is the importance of motivation. When I say numerous I really mean it, like I noticed it in my bible reading, it was talked about at least 3 different bible studies I went to, & it even stood out to me in my psychology reading. No doubt about it, God was trying to tell me something. I realized that, as much as I think about the details of the campaign, if I don’t follow through with those ideas and actually DO them, what is the point?! I have to work hard & motivate myself to finish what I start.

Not only would your donation put a huge smile on my face, those at 1MISSION’s, and the family’s who will receive a home, but there is also a little incentive for you:) Everyone who donates will receive a sticker, designed by me and made special for this occasion! It does not matter the amount of the donation, I just wanted a way to say a little thank you to everyone. I am currently still working on all the details, but look out for a post with more info on Instagram/Facebook soon!! 

To give you a little perspective… a donation of $10 can pay for 1 bag of cement to be used in building a families home, $30 could be used to buy 1 window, or $100 could cover the costs of all the doors & windows for 1 home. Your donation matters. Now it’s time to get this birthday party started!!! YAY!!!

xoxo, Ash


My 1MISSION Campaign!!!

((Click here: https://my.1mission.org/AshtonJensensCampaign to Donate!!!))

Sweating so much your shirt turns a different color, the sound of constant hammering in your ears, a work load like no other, living the uncomfortable tent life for three nights, and a ridiculous amount of humidity. Imagine all this but you don’t care one bit. That sure does sound backwards… why would all this not bother you?? Because you & everyone around you is filled with so much stinkin’ love & hearts are overflowing with the joys of new friendships & Gods peace that passes all understanding. That is how I would describe the weekend of October 9th-12th for me. 400 high schoolers, including me, from Phoenix, AZ made the 4-hour drive down to Puerto Penasco, Mèxico. We had one mission(pun intended, hehe), to provide safe housing for thirteen families before the weekend was over. I am very happy to say that our mission was accomplished, all the homes were completed and the families are currently beginning a new life in them, but it was oh-so-much more than that. Hearts & lives were rejuvenated.

While in Mexico the 1MISSION staff gave all of us the opportunity to start a campaign to raise money and build even more sufficient housing around the world, but I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. It was like a, “Oh that’s cool, I hope lots of other people do it and change the world” & move on kind of thing. But ever since I’ve been home from that trip (over a month ago) I felt God tugging on my heart and bringing me back to the idea of starting a campaign. I kind of came to the realization that just taking 4 days away to do God’s work did not have to be the end, there is no limit to God’s strength, His power. I have gone to Puerto Penasco twice with 1MISSION and love what they do and the fact that it is much more than just donations and houses, they value connections and relationships, which sometimes makes more of a difference than four walls and a door. The beauty of 1MISSION is that they work with families, if someone wants a house they must earn it by serving in their community.

This venture of starting my campaign has been slightly delayed, I knew and have seen proof that this is the right direction to go, but I kept making excuses for myself saying things like, “It’s not the right timing”, “Not today, I have a lot to do”, and all other sorts of junk with no true reasons. God has given me the perspective that it is ridiculous to be selfish when He is the One who blessed me with a wonderful house, so why not do what I always say I want to do and be like Him by being apart of another family receiving their blessing of a home? So today I am choosing to obey God by launching my campaign! The donation page will be open until May 31st and my goal is $3000, which I know is a lot of money and honestly makes me a little nervous but I trust that the end results are in God’s hands. If you would like to help me reach my goal & be a part of providing a family with a brand spanking new home you can donate at https://my.1mission.org/AshtonJensensCampaign. Not to mention that prayer is extremely essential throughout this campaign & I’d be absolutely overjoyed if you would join me in praying for these families, what God is doing in their lives, and for His faithful provision. Thank you so so so very much to you all, I am stoked for what’s in store in the next few months!!!

xoxo, AshtonMy 1MISSION Campaign